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Mommy help son

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Mommy help son
your family.

 As the mom of an adopted child who then went on to deliver 7 children, I have had the distinctive experience of nurturing 8 separate relationships from birth through the teenage years.

When my oldest son was born, I remember the countless comments from well-meaning bystanders that the mother/son bond was a very strong one, and that even when they grow into young men, they still love being mamas little boy.

If only it were that easy! .

I definitely feel that my relationship with my 5 boys, now ages 10 - 18, is different than the one I have with my 3 girls, but that bond has undergone many transformations as the kids have grown. .

My relationship with my teenage sons is not the same one I had when they were spirited little boys who believed the world revolved around their mom. .

And although my older sons now have many other female influences in their lives, they still hold a very special place in their hearts and in their lives for.

Any parent-child bond doesn't just happen; it takes wisdom and intentional effort.

Here are 4 tips I hope will encourage you in building a strong relationship between you and your son: Tip # 1: Boys Communicate Differently Than Girls.

When youre raising boys, you will probably notice that they do a lot of their communicating through their actions rather than words. .

For instance, an overtired 7-year-old boy may not say Mommy, Im exhausted, can I go to bed early?

Instead, he may jump on the couch, race down the hallway, or grab a ball and start throwing it around, regardless of the beautiful vase on the table right next to him.

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