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Animalsex stories

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Animalsex stories
do is pet, kiss and sometimes she gives me a blow job.

This night was different because she was so upset with her mom and the fight they had.

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Posted on, author, sanford6868, categories, animal Stories, karen had been born on a pig breeding farm and all her sixteen years had grown up on the farm so when her parents went away a months holiday they.

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Posted on, author zombie, categories, animal Stories, much to the dismay of the residents of a small English country town a government lab had been built on the out skirts of the town where they lived, after.

Continue reading Lone Protester, posted on, author zombie, categories, animal Stories, residents of the small country town were really worried, the weather forecast had stated that there was going to be a very heavy storm with heavy rain.

Continue reading Hurricane, posted on, author zombie, categories, animal Stories, martin was a sixteen year old thug who was not liked, he was homophobic, racist and violent and suspected of being responsible for many local burglaries, Martin was.

Continue reading Burglary Gone Wrong, posted on, author zombie, categories, animal Stories, sixteen year old Sharon and her sister Amy who was four years younger were both working part time in a vets practice, their mum was an alcoholic.

Continue reading Clean Pen, posted on, author zombie, categories, animal Stories, it was going to be the second visit to aunt Flora again within a short time of the year.

It was just the arrival of the springtime and Ericas mom told her about the likely visit to aunt Floras town.

It would be the same as last time though maybe a little shorter.

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Posted on Author erica18 Categories Animal Stories It was a week after her first experience with dogs and Mandy was waiting for her cousin Tracy to turn up and when she did the pair started walking towards.

Animal big cock craving slut.

Here are quick teasers, Licking the dog-cock seemed to make her pussy feel even better beneath the animals lashing tongue Denise kept choking.

The donkeys cockhead was stuffed in her mouth like a fist, and it swelled You mean you want to fuck a horse Tera, have a horse fuck your little pussy Then she let her pussy open, and began.

Big Hot Bitch in Heat (Bestiality Stories).

Hi my name is Jeff I'm thirty TWO years OLD.

I am married to Tess a beautiful woman.

I had never thought of doing anything like what I'm going to tell.

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