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Pinay scandal website

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Pinay scandal website
many pinay scandals.

I thought she was posting about those scandalous-ang pinay. .

Now I understand her reason for posting them and for a while I thought I might as well post them here.

So whats the concept in posting about pinay scandals? .

Pinay scandals dominate the search engine from the world wide web. .

The result is just vast, from unreserved  pics to explicit video films. .

They might be posted without consent, who knows. .

This no-insensible act is extremely unacceptable for the filipino people who values preserved tradition and integrity, like meuhurrmm.

So, to eliminate if not eradicate this humiliating, degrading image of being a pinay in the www, Marhgil Macuha iniated a campaign call for filipino bloggers to post about pinay scandals. .

In this way, the googlers will be led to all the blogs containing those words thus, disappointing their results but good trafic for bloggers.

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