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or any fanfare?

Who is poised to land a breakthrough in the coming 12 months?

For the second year in a row, weve set about the task of answering exactly these questions and more to create our ranking of the most exciting, promising and influential names in Germany.

This is The Rockstars 50 ranking for.

Last year, we published the inaugural Rockstars 50 and we are now back with year 2 of what is to be an annual event.

As a digital market, Germany is uncharted terrain for most beyond the borders of the Fatherland.

As a Hamburg, Germany-based company proud of our rootsand one convinced of the digital-know how and potential waiting to be tapped intowe have set about the task of shedding some light on the German digital marketing landscape.

Before we begin, wed like to preface The Rockstars 50 by stating the obvious: lists like this are always subjective.

Nevertheless, in the interest of objectivity, we conducted our due diligence, researching extensively and speaking to individuals from around the industry to get a grasp of the state of the industry.

This list is the result of many lengthy and contentious internal discussions.

We dont expect you to agree with us entirely, but hopefully youll have fun reading and hear some names for the first time.

Without further ado, we are proud to announce the Rockstars -2017 presented by our partner Strer.

Number 1: Philippe von Borries, Founder of Refinery29.

A purely digital media brand, founded by a German, worth EUR 500 million, employs over 400 and generates 9-figures in revenue annually?

Aint gonna happen, right?

Oh, but it did happen! .

And its name is Refinery29.

Perhaps the premise was slightly misleading, as founder Philippe von Borries moved to the USA permanently after spending a year stateside as an exchange student in his teens and founded the company there in his 20s.

Yet, the success of Refinery29 cannot just be attributed to the sheer size of the US market and the potential audience for English-language content.

In fact, it has more to do with von Borries being among a select few individuals in the world that really understand the role that content plays in attracting an audience.

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